Queer Zest Zine Fest

Recently I tabled at the online Queer Zest Zine Fest. It was great to take part in another online zine fest. My table is still on the website

I didn’t have any new zines for sale, but I am hoping to have something new by the end of the year and for when zine fests happen in person again.

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book and Zine Fair – Online Edition

I am taking part in Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair – Online Edition

I have my own page on the website with some info on my zines and comics – https://fanzineist.com/exhibition-2021/steven-fraser-do-it-theatre/

There is also a virtual exhibition at the festival with artwork and information on exhibitors. I am in Hall 5- https://fanzineist.com/ve-hall5/

New Short Film ‘Prosopagnosia’

For the past few months I have been working on a new short animated documentary with the Scottish Documentary Institute. The title is Prosopagnosia and will have its Premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this weekend. The trailer is below along with a synopsis.

Prosopagnosia – Trailer from Steven Fraser on Vimeo.

Synopsis – Prosopagnosia is a story of identity that uses expressive animation to investigate intimacy, communication and memory.

Prosopagnosia is face-blindness and as a means of understanding this neurodiverse behaviour, the contents of a memory box are explored. Sketchbooks, photographs and diaries are intricately unraveled to tell a unique and personal story.

Private Plays on Mainspring Arts — Do It Theatre

I have created 3 new online Private Plays for Mainspring Arts. http://www.mainspringarts.org.uk/private-plays The first one launched on 26 October and is called Faces. The next two follow on 2 November and 9 November respectively. They can be read here on the above dates. Some extra info on the project can be read below, but please […]

Private Plays on Mainspring Arts — Do It Theatre

Zine/Comic/Poetry – How To Deal With Rejection – Issue 3

How To Deal With Rejection  is a new Zine/Comic/Poetry series and a scruched up ball of paper with a badge. There will new issues every few months. How To Deal With Rejection – Issue 3 is available now. More information on the zine is below.

This is a comic zine that deals with the topic of rejection in an interesting and different way.
The zine is a scrunched up ball of paper. On one side is a comic, on the other is a poem.
The zine covers themes of rejection and is scrunched up into a ball to reflect this. The ball is unfurled and the zine can be read.

Each issue comes with a Weird Proud – Pin Badge Button (38mm (1.5inches) in size).
This is issue 3 of an ongoing series.