Self Sabotage – New Comic

Self Sabotage is a 28 page (mostly) black and white comic book zine that looks at the topic of mental health, success, creativity, community and what it means to be an artist. The comic will appeal to readers of Graphic Memoirs, Graphic Medicine and Perzines.

You can buy the comic here.

The story follows the creator of the comic as they discover what it means to be successful and if their own actions and mental health ruin their enjoyment of finding success. The idea of community and networking is explored in a visually exciting and experimental way. Some of the pages are ripped and destroyed. This presents the theme of self sabotage in an interesting and original method.

Self Sabotage will also appeal to people who like zines, perzines, queer zines and outsider art.

  • 28 pages
  • Black and white (mostly)
  • Hand bound and stapled
  • Made with love and honesty.

Awkward Silence – New Comic – Even more pages!

My new comic Awkward Silence looks at being mute and silent in a loud world. It is a 28 page personal story and some more pages are below. You can buy Awkward Silence at the following link (free UK postage) –

Awkward Silence – Pages from the Comic

My new comic Awkward Silence is on my Etsy store right now. You can buy the comic here.
Some information on the comic is below along with some images.

Awkward Silence is a personal comic book that looks at quietness and solitude in a loud world. The story follows the creator as they look at how loudness and quietness has affected them and changed how they communicate with other people and their environment. Being mute and not being able to speak has many implications and these are delicately presented in this intimate and experimental comic book memoir.