Coming Out Autistic

Coming out Autistic is a short animated documentary that explores the experience of telling the world that you are autistic when you also identify as LGBTQ+. Queer coming out stories are well documented, but the occurrence of telling friends, family, co-workers and strangers that you are autistic is less explored. Parallels with queer experiences are investigated and a wide range of individuals are interviewed to express the array of feelings and reactions that are encountered.

Animation heightens the emotion, conceals the identity of the speakers and presents themes of pride, joy, shame, introversion, respect and torment. The animation also emphasises the passionate, funny and important words and actions that are witnessed. Coming out Autistic is an original queer short film, shot and animated on mobile devices.

Runtime: 3 minutes 55 seconds

You can download the press kit here


Sit Down Shutup And Watch Film & New Media Festival, South Australia – 19/10/2022
International Queer Film Festival Merlinka, Belgrade Serbia – 08/12/2022
Reelout Queer Film Festival, Kingston, Canada – 04/02/2023