Ballet Illustration

Here is an Illustration I created several months ago. I was experimenting with black and white and Illustrating movement. As a lot of my experiments I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I don’t know if it is one for the portfolio (which I am redesigning at the moment), so here it is on the blog.

Woolly Jumper

I have recently completed some freelance work for a start up video games company in Dundee called Sophie’s Games. I have helped the company out be created and designed some 2D artwork for their new online game – Woolly Jumper.
This is an educational game for children, where they have to teach a sheep how to jump and navigate around an environment.
I created character and environment graphics, as well as icons.
Below I have posted 3 images (more will follow soon) and I will put a link to the game when it is available online at the Sophie’s Games website.


I have been keeping myself busy by doing some freelance work for different start up companies in Dundee (more about the other projects in later posts). One of the video game companies I have been working for is called ShoeDemon games.

I recently designed and created the graphics for their new iphone game called connection. Connection is a puzzle game that involves creating paths between different types shapes.
My work involved logo design, UI design and Art Direction. Below I have posted some images showcasing the graphics. The game is due to be released late this year. More info on this as I get it.