Polaroid Picture Illustration – 8

This may well be the last image in the Polaroid Picture Illustration Series, however it may not be the end of the project. I think I’ll create a flash based photo gallery and put it up on my portfolio. That is of course if I have enough time. I’ve not used Flash in a while so it might be a good idea to get reacquainted with the software and put it to good use.
Anyway this image carries on the theme of creating an image, similar to that taken with a Polaroid camera. The text below is a short poem like phrase that I believe balances the image.

Wrong Anatomy

I’ve put up lost of anatomy sketches here. My day job involves anatomy illustration, but I do life drawing classes in my spare time. I’ve started doing some sketches where the anatomy is wrong – hands in the wrong places and incorrect ligaments. This is just to try something different. The first sketch is below, but I plan to post up more in the future. The subject has her arm in the wrong place. The image itself is based on a Toulouse Lautrec sketch.