Images from Private Play number 2 – Frozen

Here are some images from Private Play number 2 – Frozen.
I am illustrating Play Scripts and Designing the Website for Do it Theatre.
Private Plays are short plays that people can perform themselves. More info on Private Plays can be found here.
The images below are taken from the second script.

Noise Project – Week 10 – The End

Here is another sample image (not the full one) for my response to the Noise Project Week 10 – The End. For this image I wanted to create a doodle. I just put pen to paper and started to draw. Turns out I started to write and came up with a fairly interesting image. The brief for the response is below:


This is the end. Your very last noise challenge. If you’ve missed some challenges along the way, don’t worry. You still have one last chance to leave your auditory mark.
To ceremoniously close this 4-month long noise project, we’re challenging you to let go of your inhibitions and make some noise. Follow these instructions: Pick a public place, any place. When the time is right, take the opportunity to make some noise. You can scream at the top of your lungs; make a public installation; start an impromptu performance. You can do whatever you want to do, but do it with conviction. Make a lasting impression. Make it count. Make it worthwile. You have one week to make some NOISE of your own. 

My full response to the brief can be found here.