Fashion Illustration – 2

3 new sketches done in pastel. I’m really enjoying doing these fashion illustrations. I have no experience in how fabric is cut etc, so I doubt these garments are practical, but that is not the point. I am taking my knowledge of life drawing and medical illustrations and trying something new. I will post up some other sketches soon.

Fashion Illustration

In my spare time I have being experimenting with Fashion Illustration. I am finding this very creative and have been attempting different things and experimenting with different media. Pens, markers, ink, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels and water colours are some of the materials I have been using. Theses 2 sketches were created using pastel.
Fashion Illustration is new for me and I am finding it very enjoyable. I never knew it could be so expressive and experimental. Expect a load of more sketches to be posted up here soon.

Photographs – 1

I mentioned earlier about my new camera. It’s a Canon Digital SLR and I’ve been out taking some photographs.
Here is a selection. These were taken on the streets of Edinburgh. I should have some more up in the next few weeks. I will be taking a class on Portrait Photography at the Stills Gallery in Edinburgh in a few weeks time, so I will hopefully have a few interesting shots from that class to post up.

Papergirl Norwich

After having my work accepted for Papergirl Dublin and I also pleased that I’ve also had some work accepted to the Papergirl Norwich event. The idea is the same. The work is exhibited in a gallery and then handed out to the public by volunteers who cycle around the city.

My submission is another 5 photographic prints form my Lomography camera. The images were taken in Berlin Summer 2011.

I have also had my work featured on the Papergirl Norwich website. Here is a link to the post.