Papergirl Norwich Exhibition

The Papergirl Norwich Exhibition now on at The Stew Gallery, 40 Fishergate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1SL.
I’ve got some photographs in the exhibition which runs until 1st of April. This is part of a Papergirl event so the artwork is going to be handed out to members of the public for free. The distributers of the artwork will all be travelling on bikes and this should happen the week after the exhibition closes.

Outdoor Sketching – 1

A while back (May and June 2011) I undertook an outdoor sketching class at the Botanical Garden in Dundee. Pretty much all of my work focuses on people and characters, so I wanted to branch out and try something new. The images I created were in pastel, watercolours and pencil. I have only got round to scanning some of the images recently. The sketches were in my paper portfolio and I doubt I’ll add them to my online portfolio, so I thought I’d post them on this blog.
The first four sketches are below.