Dix Pix

I’ve recently created a new short animated documentary called Dix Pix.
It looks at queer identity, loneliness and vulnerability.
I am currently submitting the film to film festivals and plan to fully release it online soon.
Information on Dix Pix can be found here.

Video for new theatre project

I mentioned my new theatre project on www.doittheatre.com but never blogged about it here.

I’m working with puppets! A video of the project is below and more info at – https://doittheatre.com/category/starter-for-ten/page/5/

Letters We Leave Behind – Trailer from Steven Fraser on Vimeo.

To This Day Project

I was recently involved in creating an animation for a project called To This Day. This was an anti bullying initiative from the Canadian Poet Shane Koyczan (who I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe last year- He was fantastic).
The brief was to anime a short section of one of his poems (To This Day) and then clips from various animators will be edited together. This was my first piece of animation for a while and my first piece of Machinima animation since 2008.
Below is the final video. My clip unfortunately got edited out, however my name is still in the credits and my animation can be viewed at this link.

Animation on Bad Robot Poetry

Bad Robot Poetry is an excellent blog on Internet and New Poetry. It is run by Catherine Woodward and I have an animation the incorporates poetry on the website.

This is what Catherine says about Bad Robot Poetry:
Bad Robot is a UK based blogzine which publishes Internet Poetry, short essays and features. Given that the internet has done for literature what the camera did for art, Bad Robot would like to encourage as many people as possible to create and engage with an avant garde art that incorporates the dominant media of the 21st Century. Comprised of, about and/or using the conventions of the internet, Internet Poetry is a relevant mode of poesis which truly engages with life in the contemporary ‘Western’ world.

My animation was created in Flash and the text is short and succinct. It is the first in a series of new media poetry experiments which follows on from my other Poetry work. This will incorporate a web comic which I am currently developing. More on this soon.

Please view the video over at Bad Robot Poetry.