Live – 4

Here is the fourth image in the Live Illustration project. It has been created to look like a Polaroid Picture. I am currently created a Flash presentation to display the Live images. I plan to create 5 images in total and present them on my portfolio website.
The image was taken in Cellardyke Town Hall during the Fence Records Homegame Festival in May 2011. The artist is the fantastic James Yorkston.

Live- 3

The third image in the Live Project. It looks a bit like a Polaroid picture. I’ve decided to combine these two projects for a couple of images.
Live – live music Illustrations.
Polaroid Pictures – Illustrations to look like Polaroid pictures.
This image is a combination of the two.

The image is of Rachel Sermanni and was taken at the Fence Records HomeGame Festival in Anstruther in Fife back in May.

Comic Strip in FutureQuake #18

I have a comic strip published in the new issue of the comic book Sci-fi anthology FutureQuake. The story is called Social Engagement eXperiment and was illustrated by Will Pickering. I am the scriptwriter for the story.
I wrote this several years ago and pitched it to 2000AD at the Birmingham International Comics Show in 2008. They were interested but never took it. After several re-writes I sent the script to FutureQuake press. I am a big fan of their comics and thought they might like the story.
Another few re-writes later, they accepted the script, where they paired me up with Will Pickering who done an excellent job in illustrating the story.
I’m so excited about seeing this in print as it was a long slog to finally getting it published. I am also a huge fan of FutureQuake, so it is great to see my work in there next to other fantastic writers and artists. Hopefully this will be a spring board to kick start my comic book writing.