What It Feels Like

What It Feels Like is a personal animated documentary that investigates the emotional imagery behind the words that people unwillingly hear. Voice hearing is a common mental health condition that many individuals live with. The documentary presents inventive “flipbook” animation in real world locations to imaginatively depict what it feels like to hear these voices.

“It is estimated that between 5% and 28% of the general population hears voices that other people do not. Hearing voices is an auditory hallucination that may or may not be associated with a mental health problem. It is the most common type of hallucination in people with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. However, a large number of otherwise healthy individuals have also reported hearing voices.”


What It Feels Like to hear voices

What It Feels Like investigates different themes associated with Voice Hearing. Using these evocative themes I tell the story of an unnamed protagonist who lives with the positives and negatives of hearing voices. The viewer experiences the variety of emotions, turmoils, passions, triumphs and hardships that voice hearing can present. Dazzling animation brings the unique voices to life and acts as a striking physical representation of the “otherness” associated with hearing voices.

The animation expresses itself in a series of small boxes that are mechanically operated to present animation in a technique similar to a flipbook. These inventive boxes are placed in real world locations and give an abstract and physical representation of the voices. The boxes convey the complex emotion that the voice hearer is experiencing and here we witness a visceral connection between the “otherness” of the voices and the tangible physical body of the individual.


NTERFACE/Video Art Event, IX Edition – Oradea, Romania – 19/05/2018

Indie Best Film Festival, Santa Monica, USA04/07/2018

European Film Festival of Integration, Koszalin, Poland – 04/09/2018

Focus on Ability Film Festival, Sydney, Australia – 05/09/2018 – Winner International Documentary

Wexford Documentary Film Festival, Wexford, Ireland – 21/09/2018

BALKANIMA – European Animated Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia – 02/10/2018

Factual Animation Film Festival 2018, London, England – 07/10/2018

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St Neots Film Festival, Cambridgeshire, England – 07/11/2018 – Winner Best Documentary Short

Lobo Fest – Fesitval Internacional de Filmes, Brasilia, Brazil – 07/11/2018

35th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany – 16/11/2018

Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos (FICMA), Mexico City, Mexico – 21/11/2018

Walthamstow Smartphone Film Festival, London, England – 23/11/2018 Winner Best Amateur Short Film

Inshort Film Festival 2018, Lagos, Nigeria – 20/12/2018

Life Safety International Film Festival 2018, Pristina, Kosovo – 24/01/2019

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British Animation Awards – Public Choice Screenings (18 dates across the UK) 13/01/2020 – 17/02/2020

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ISmart Film Festival – Karachi, Pakistan – 17/06/2020

Sit Down Shutup And Watch Film & New Media Festival  – Southern Australia – 14/10/2020

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Neurostages – Glasgow Scotland – 15/10/2021

Korean Parallel Smartphone Film Festival – Seoul, South Korean  – 09/11/2021