Zines Saved My Life – New Comic -More Pages!

My new comic Zines Saved My Life looks at zines and creativity and how important they are in having good mental health. Zines Saved My Life is on sale now and some pages from the comic are below –

Awkward Silence – New Comic – Even more pages!

My new comic Awkward Silence looks at being mute and silent in a loud world. It is a 28 page personal story and some more pages are below. You can buy Awkward Silence at the following link (free UK postage) –

Conversations with my Imaginary Friends – Work in Progress

I have been working on a new comic that is almost complete. It’s more of a self published perzine though as it features lots of text along with comic book pages.

The title is Conversations with my Imaginary Friends and looks at voice hearing and learning to live with mental health behaviours that can impact your life.

Conversations with my Imaginary Friends is a detailed look at coping mechanisms when you live with voice hearing. Schizophrenia is a commonly misinterpreted behaviour and one that affects many people in different ways. In Conversations with my Imaginary Friends I explore my coping mechanism of writing down what the voices in my head say. The comic includes the letters and words and also shows how the intrusion of voice hearing can be mitigated in a personal and intimate way.