Polaroid Picture Illustration – 5

I mentioned a while back that I had created a Polaroid Picture and not posted it. Here it is. This is the fifth Polaroid Image in the series. I’m not sure if I’ll do any more. The plan was to create a website to present the images (similar to what I done with the Live Project). Not sure when I’ll get the time but that is still the plan. Either way the images are on my Portfolio and on this blog.

New Showreel – Winter 2011

I’ve just updated my showreel and uploaded it to Youtube.
It’s about a minute less than my last one so I’ve taken a lot out edited a few clips and added some new stuff. The reel is viewable below. Eventually the link will be unusable when I upload anew showreel and take this one down. My plan is to update my showreel every 3 months. So an update should be due in January 2012.

Flash Animation – Dog Fall

Now the I’ve pretty much wrapped up the live project, I’ve concentrated my attention on doing some Flash based animation (in my spare time I am mainly writing – I’ll blog about this later). The image below shows the sequence I’ve recently completed for a cartoon dog. It’s mainly just a practice but I think it looks good.
The final animation will likely make my portfolio.
The animation itself is short and I am about to complete a background for the sequence. I’ll post the final piece up here when I add to my portfolio and I also post up the another flash animations when I get around to finishing them.