Polaroid Picture Illustrations

I’ve been messing around with Adobe Illustrator again – creating more detailed illustrations of sketches. This image is based on a piece of Flash Fiction I recently wrote. I’ll post up the story later. I wrote the story at an ‘Illustrate and Write’ workshop at the Two Dolls art shop in Dundee.
This image is a Polaroid picture taken by the girl in the story. I plan to create some more Polaroid picture illustrations with hand written text at the bottom. These will compliment the stories. Depending on the time I have I’ll try to do one a month. I’m taking a break from the toy design and the 3D Graffiti and 3D poetry for a while. I need a break from these especially since the recent Streetlands and Without Boarders Exhibitions.
I’ve included a scan of the original sketch and the new improved final image.

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