Polaroid Picture Illustration – 8

This may well be the last image in the Polaroid Picture Illustration Series, however it may not be the end of the project. I think I’ll create a flash based photo gallery and put it up on my portfolio. That is of course if I have enough time. I’ve not used Flash in a while so it might be a good idea to get reacquainted with the software and put it to good use.
Anyway this image carries on the theme of creating an image, similar to that taken with a Polaroid camera. The text below is a short poem like phrase that I believe balances the image.

Polaroid Picture Illustration – 7

I am postingabout one a month now which is what I intended. Actually I created this one back in August but was far too busy to post it.
This one is pretty cool keeping a sketchy feel as opposed to an illustration. Never the less I think it works. 7 of these Polaroid’s have been created now plus 2 images created for the Live Project. 9 in total.
The idea was to do one a month and I think I am on schedule.

Polaroid Picture Illustration – 5

I mentioned a while back that I had created a Polaroid Picture and not posted it. Here it is. This is the fifth Polaroid Image in the series. I’m not sure if I’ll do any more. The plan was to create a website to present the images (similar to what I done with the Live Project). Not sure when I’ll get the time but that is still the plan. Either way the images are on my Portfolio and on this blog.

Live – 4

Here is the fourth image in the Live Illustration project. It has been created to look like a Polaroid Picture. I am currently created a Flash presentation to display the Live images. I plan to create 5 images in total and present them on my portfolio website.
The image was taken in Cellardyke Town Hall during the Fence Records Homegame Festival in May 2011. The artist is the fantastic James Yorkston.

Live- 3

The third image in the Live Project. It looks a bit like a Polaroid picture. I’ve decided to combine these two projects for a couple of images.
Live – live music Illustrations.
Polaroid Pictures – Illustrations to look like Polaroid pictures.
This image is a combination of the two.

The image is of Rachel Sermanni and was taken at the Fence Records HomeGame Festival in Anstruther in Fife back in May.

Guerrilla Gallery 9th July

I will have some artwork exhibited at a Guerrilla Gallery event in Dundee on the 9th of July. A poster for this is below. The work I will have exhibited includes the Polaroid Pictures I have been creating.
This exhibition is very cool and will be similar to the last Guerrilla Gallery, where the artwork was projected onto a wall inside the Tayside Recyclers building. I may take my camera along with me and take some photographs.

Polaroid Picture Illustration – 3

The third Polaroid Picture illustration and with this one I thought I’d do something a bit different. I’m getting sick of drawing people so I thought I squirrel might be nice. This has gone up on my portfolio as well as being posted here. The next one will be posted in a few weeks.
At the moment I’ve pretty much got 2 ideas on the go. The Polaroid Pictures and the Live music Illustrations. I plan to create a flash based presentation/website for each of these projects and post them on my portfolio.