Delay is a performance about waiting. It is love story where a person is waiting in a bar for their partner to arrive. It attempts to capture the moment in a relationship when you can’t decide if putting the effort in is worth it. I think it is a universal theme and an interesting one to explore in the Private Plays format. The story is from the perspective of a same sex couple, but the subject matter could apply to anyone. It is a performance presented in a Zine.

The Zine for Delay does not actually contain a traditional theatre script, as common with other Private Plays. With this Zine I wanted to try something new and experimental with words, language and illustrations. It is more like a comic book that concisely imparts the inner thoughts and frustrations of the characters within the story. As thoughts and feelings can be difficult to express through words, the language and presentation is abstract and obscure and asks the reader to draw their own conclusions. Delay is therefore an experimental piece.

Delay has been presented at Camden People’s Theatre during the Sprint Festival, at the All These Things performance night from Live Art Bistro, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and at Old 505 Theatre at the Sydney Fringe .
Audiences who turn up to the Festivals can read the Zine whilst they are waiting for a show, or waiting for their friends arrive. Alternatively if they do not have time, they can take the Zine home with them and read it there. If they use their imagination you could envision being in the bar at for the venue.

Delay was also chosen to be part of the All Bound Together exhibition from Shape Arts. This is an online exhibition by disabled and non-disabled artists that looks at freedom health and equality. This version of Delay is fully accessible with an audio described version also available. This can be viewed and experienced here.
I also did an interview with South London Press about the exhibition. You can read this here.

Delay is available to buy as a printed zine here