Animal Magic Tricks on Somnambulations

I was writing a comic book series for Wasted Magazine. This was a quarterly magazine published by Bad Press. Several months ago Bad Press went into liquidation and stop publishing. Bad Press only published 1 strip, but I had written 7.
The excellent Ronnie Tucker Illustrated the stories and we were looking forward to seeing more Animal Magic Tricks in print.
Since Bad Press went into liquidation I contacted Ronnie to see if he wanted to carry on the series as a web comic.
He suggested we host it over at his current web comic Somnabulations. At the moment Animal Magic Tricks is a guest strip over there.
I’ve put a link to the 1st strip below. More issues will come soon.
I’m glad that the strip is seeing the light of day. Ronnie’s artwork is fantastic and the series has given me a chance to practice my storytelling. Enjoy!!!

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