An old 3D Poem 2

As mentioned on the very first post of this blog I had been doing a lot of 3D Poetry. This is when I write poetry on a 3D object such as a piece of Urban Vinyl. I’ve had a small amount of success we these with several exhibitions. This piece was also photographed as a piece of 3D Graffiti. More info on this here.
The images below show the toy in different positions. The piece was created back in March and is not part of my portfolio, so I thought it would be best posted up here.
Tomorrows post will be some new sketches I think.

Exhibition at Streetland Festival in Glasgow.

I’ve recently had my work accepted to the OurPlace@Streetland Exhibition as part of the Streetland Festival in Glasgow. The exhibition is organised by Polkadot Punks and I will be exhibiting 7 photographic prints of my 3D Graffiti. Other artist will also be exhibiting work based on the theme of Community, Place and Street. The festival runs from the 29 – 30th April in various venues in Glasgow with lots of events going on. More info here.
A preview of one of the photographs is below.