Without Boarders Exhibition – The Point Eastleigh – Update

I have some artwork on display in Eastleigh. The venue of the exhibition is called The Point. The work in display is some 3D Graffiti.
Just wanted to post a link the exhibition web page as it’s cool that I’m mentioned on it!!!!

Even more 3D Graffiti

This is the final image from the PolkaDot Punks exhibition. It’s a 3D Poem/Graffiti hybrid. This is the same toy as in this image.
For the exhibition I took the toy out on the street and photographed it as a piece of 3D Graffiti.

An old 3D Poem

Here’s an old piece (from a couple of months ago). It’s a toy design with a poem written on it – 3D Poetry. The photo is not that great but it does show what I am trying to do with the 3D poetry. I doubt I’ll do anything with this so I though I’d post it up here. I don’t plan to do any more of these for a while, as I going to concentrate on sketching and updating the design section of my portfolio.