Life drawing and anatomy sketches 10

I’ve been doing a life drawing class recently at the Duncan of Jordanson Art College. Here are some of the sketches – they may appear a bit ‘off’ as they are not scans, but images taken with my camera.
Most of the sketches are in charcoal and some are in pastel and oil Pastel. Still got loads more to post up so they’ll come as soon as I get round to photographing them.

Life drawing and anatomy sketches 2

Here’s some more life drawing and anatomy sketches. As with the last drawing post, some of these are taken from the anatomy sketches from my day job. These sketches may find their way onto my portfolio. I’m trying to post up some work everyday (Monday to Friday) to keep myself motivated and creating new work. These posts may be some old stuff that I’ve not put on my portfolio and will include some writing and photographs.
Anyway enjoy these 4 sketches below.