PaperGirl Bristol – More Photos on website

Some Photos of the Papergirl Bristol exhibition over on their blog.
Eagle eyed viewers will see some of my images in the background.
They’re going to hand out the artwork sometime in May. Not sure when though.
Links to the photos below.

Polaroid Picture Illustrations

I’ve been messing around with Adobe Illustrator again – creating more detailed illustrations of sketches. This image is based on a piece of Flash Fiction I recently wrote. I’ll post up the story later. I wrote the story at an ‘Illustrate and Write’ workshop at the Two Dolls art shop in Dundee.
This image is a Polaroid picture taken by the girl in the story. I plan to create some more Polaroid picture illustrations with hand written text at the bottom. These will compliment the stories. Depending on the time I have I’ll try to do one a month. I’m taking a break from the toy design and the 3D Graffiti and 3D poetry for a while. I need a break from these especially since the recent Streetlands and Without Boarders Exhibitions.
I’ve included a scan of the original sketch and the new improved final image.