Conversations with my Imaginary Friends – Work in Progress

I have been working on a new comic that is almost complete. It’s more of a self published perzine though as it features lots of text along with comic book pages.

The title is Conversations with my Imaginary Friends and looks at voice hearing and learning to live with mental health behaviours that can impact your life.

Conversations with my Imaginary Friends is a detailed look at coping mechanisms when you live with voice hearing. Schizophrenia is a commonly misinterpreted behaviour and one that affects many people in different ways. In Conversations with my Imaginary Friends I explore my coping mechanism of writing down what the voices in my head say. The comic includes the letters and words and also shows how the intrusion of voice hearing can be mitigated in a personal and intimate way.

Shape Arts Exhibition – All Bound Together

I am currently part of an online exhibition curated by Shape Arts. All Bound Together is an online collection of artwork by disabled and non-disabled artists.

I have a digital and fully accessible version of my zine ‘Delay’ in the exhibition. You can read and experience it here

As well as reading the zine, you can listen to an audio described version.

I also did an interview with South London Press about the exhibition. You can read this here.

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book and Zine Fair – Online Edition

I am taking part in Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair – Online Edition

I have my own page on the website with some info on my zines and comics –

There is also a virtual exhibition at the festival with artwork and information on exhibitors. I am in Hall 5-

Zine/Comic/Poetry – How To Deal With Rejection – Issue 3

How To Deal With Rejection  is a new Zine/Comic/Poetry series and a scruched up ball of paper with a badge. There will new issues every few months. How To Deal With Rejection – Issue 3 is available now. More information on the zine is below.

This is a comic zine that deals with the topic of rejection in an interesting and different way.
The zine is a scrunched up ball of paper. On one side is a comic, on the other is a poem.
The zine covers themes of rejection and is scrunched up into a ball to reflect this. The ball is unfurled and the zine can be read.

Each issue comes with a Weird Proud – Pin Badge Button (38mm (1.5inches) in size).
This is issue 3 of an ongoing series.