New Comic for Sale – Conversations With My Imaginary Friends

Conversations With My Imaginary Friends is a personal comic book that explores voice hearing and psychosis in an intimate and personal method. The story follows the comic book creator as they speak with the voices in their head and write down what they say. We see how important engaging with mental health is and how this can build strength and confidence. Each voice gives a letter to the protagonist and the reader gets to experience the voices in a unique and visual way.

Other than looking at the negative and cliched focus of voice hearing and schizophrenia ‘Conversations With My Imaginary Friends‘ shows how common, powerful and interesting this behaviour can be.

The comic comes with 4 extra letters that are inserted into the comic. These pages can be taken out and read. A mini-zine from one of the characters is also given. These extras give an intimate and personal connection to the reader and fully expresses the closeness and power of the words that people hear in their heads.

– 28 pages
– Comes with 4 extra letters and a mini-zine, plus some extra bonus stuff!
– Full colour
– Hand bound and stapled
– Made with love and honesty

Conversations With My Imaginary Friends can be bought here –

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