Some new postcards. These may be part of a bigger project which I might develop if I have time.
Write a poem on several postcards. Have the poem with a structure that is not linear. Give the postcards out to different Papergirl events. Have the recipients post the poem postcards back. The order in which the postcards arrive dictate the structure of the poem. Then exhibit the postcards in a gallery. A new mail art project? Maybe if I get the time, but something for the future.


For some new work and a break from computer illustrations, I have decided to do some drawing on some old photographs. The illustrations are very basic but showcase a new style I am going for. The Photographs are old Lomography photos that I printed off.
Some of these postcards incorporate short stories, flash fiction and poetry. I will post some examples of these illustrated postcards soon.

Current Projects – Part 3

Project 3– Webcomic – Poetry Comics

To take a break from the Art I am looking to start another webcomic. After having a couple of guest strips on the Somnambulations site (and hopefully a few others up next year) I’ve decided to start my own webcomic.
This comic will combine poetry and comics and not have an overriding narrative. Each comic will be standalone and be fairly experimental. I am currently looking for artists to collaborate with and a posted a few help wanted adds on some forums. No luck so far, but I do plan to illustrate a few comics myself to get started.
I plan to write about 12 comics and post them up 2 a week for 6 weeks. So far I’ve written 10 and planned out the other 2. The comics are between 1 and 5 pages long.
This project stemmed from the fact that I had a strip accepted for the Murky Depths sci-fi anthology, which unfortunately got canceled. This strip was a poem comics and I’ve decided to carry on the idea as a webcomic.
So far the only set back is finding an artist but a bit more perseverance and more hounding of forums might help in this.

Comic Strip in FutureQuake #18

I have a comic strip published in the new issue of the comic book Sci-fi anthology FutureQuake. The story is called Social Engagement eXperiment and was illustrated by Will Pickering. I am the scriptwriter for the story.
I wrote this several years ago and pitched it to 2000AD at the Birmingham International Comics Show in 2008. They were interested but never took it. After several re-writes I sent the script to FutureQuake press. I am a big fan of their comics and thought they might like the story.
Another few re-writes later, they accepted the script, where they paired me up with Will Pickering who done an excellent job in illustrating the story.
I’m so excited about seeing this in print as it was a long slog to finally getting it published. I am also a huge fan of FutureQuake, so it is great to see my work in there next to other fantastic writers and artists. Hopefully this will be a spring board to kick start my comic book writing.

Email Story

Thought I’d post this up. It’s a short story I wrote during an ‘Illustrate and Write’ class a few weeks back. During this class I also came up with the first Polaroid Picture (a series of images I am creating and posting on this blog).
Never the less the story involves 3 emails. One from a guy emailing his girlfriend. The girlfriend then emailing a doctor for advice and the doctor replying to the girlfriend. It is an experiment in graphical storytelling and how to establish character through text. I think the emails give a different perspective as opposed to straight up prose. The graphical element does not add to the story, but I do believe that they make the story more visually appealing.
The 3 emails are below. The story is imaginatively entitled – Emails.