Current Projects – Part 3

Project 3– Webcomic – Poetry Comics

To take a break from the Art I am looking to start another webcomic. After having a couple of guest strips on the Somnambulations site (and hopefully a few others up next year) I’ve decided to start my own webcomic.
This comic will combine poetry and comics and not have an overriding narrative. Each comic will be standalone and be fairly experimental. I am currently looking for artists to collaborate with and a posted a few help wanted adds on some forums. No luck so far, but I do plan to illustrate a few comics myself to get started.
I plan to write about 12 comics and post them up 2 a week for 6 weeks. So far I’ve written 10 and planned out the other 2. The comics are between 1 and 5 pages long.
This project stemmed from the fact that I had a strip accepted for the Murky Depths sci-fi anthology, which unfortunately got canceled. This strip was a poem comics and I’ve decided to carry on the idea as a webcomic.
So far the only set back is finding an artist but a bit more perseverance and more hounding of forums might help in this.

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