Current Projects – Part 1

Project 1- After Effects Animation – Shadow Puppet

A few posts back I mentioned that I would list what I am currently working on and the projects I am either trying to get off the ground or about to begin. I’ve decided to separate this post into sections – one for each of my 3 new projects and a reminder of the projects that are still ongoing.

I’ve been learning to use the After Effects animation software. Instead of just following tutorials I decided to create a short film for the Neon Digital Arts Festival. This will be uploaded to my Youtube channel next week. I’ve also created some animated logos and titles – I’ll upload these later as well. Basically I’m trying to incorporate this to my work and use the character animation tools of the software. I’ve used Flash and Maya for several years now and it is time I expanded my horizons. I plan to complete a short character animation by early next year. The progress of which will be uploaded here.
A screen shot of the character design is below. After loads of sketches this is the design a came up with (the image was created in Adobe Illustrator and will be exported to After Effects). It is based on Indonesian Shadow Puppetry. In the New Year I will begin to Storyboard the animation and get started with the animation itself.

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