Current Projects – Part 2

This is the second major project I am working on and it is fairly big. I have designed 50 stickers all based on a single generic design. I have customised the design so there are 50 different characters from the initial design.
I have printed the characters onto sticker paper, cut them out and will stick the stickers on interesting locations.
I will stick one sticker onto an interesting location per week for 50 weeks. Each week I will take a photograph of the sticker and post it up to a dedicated blog.
The project is still to have a name and I will start the project early next year. A new blog will be created to present the project, although I will post about it on here as well. The image below is of one of the stickers, but there are 50 in total.
There is text under each of the designs. These are short poems and found poems – an extension of my 3D poetry and writing work.

The project is to make sure I get away from the computer and take photographs, while learning about composition, lighting etc, which will inform my work in general. Along with my Lomography I should hopefully have several projects that allow me to get up and get out. I am also looking to buy a DSLR camera in the next few weeks – Probably after Christmas.

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