Sketchbook Project – Page Preview 2 – – Fashion Design for Monsters

The Sketchbook Project asks artists of all levels to complete a small book with ideas, drawings and sketches. I recently completed my sketchbook and below a preview page can be seen. My book is called ‘Fashion Design For Monsters’. It has this title as several of the sketches involve fashion designs for different types of monster. There are also comic book pages and some text in my sketchbook. The below image is a badly taken photograph of the front cover.

Webcomic – Preview Panel 4 – A Perfect Breeze

In late 2013 or even early 2014 I plan to put out my webcomic. This is still untitled but I have completed 35 pages so far.
The comic is a series of poems told in the form of a comic. Making use of images and words to create poetry that focuses on visuals as opposed to just telling a story.

This is the Fourth Preview Panel from the series – a poem/comic called A Perfect Breeze. Told over a single page, markers pens and ink are utilised to convey the themes, while digital panel borders have been added to divide of the panels. Akin to how a poet may use line breaks. 

Pen Drawings – 1

Last post of the year I think, so I thought I’d post up something new and a bit different.
Recently I bought some Fine Liner pens. I’ve done sketches using thicker ‘ProMarker’ pens, but I wanted more detail. The sketches are a continuation of my life drawing and concentrating on portraits and faces. They are colour studies and merely experiments. Some of the sketches work better than others, but I wanted to move away from Pastels and I would like to do more traditional illustration in the future. These pens should give me a bit more freedom in this.