Outdoor Sketching – 1

A while back (May and June 2011) I undertook an outdoor sketching class at the Botanical Garden in Dundee. Pretty much all of my work focuses on people and characters, so I wanted to branch out and try something new. The images I created were in pastel, watercolours and pencil. I have only got round to scanning some of the images recently. The sketches were in my paper portfolio and I doubt I’ll add them to my online portfolio, so I thought I’d post them on this blog.
The first four sketches are below.

Fashion Illustration

In my spare time I have being experimenting with Fashion Illustration. I am finding this very creative and have been attempting different things and experimenting with different media. Pens, markers, ink, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels and water colours are some of the materials I have been using. Theses 2 sketches were created using pastel.
Fashion Illustration is new for me and I am finding it very enjoyable. I never knew it could be so expressive and experimental. Expect a load of more sketches to be posted up here soon.