StoryBox – Discardboard Exhibiton

Currently I am in a special Exhibition involving cardboard. The exhibition is called Discardboard and it is taking place at the Forest Centre Plus art space in Edinburgh. In total 40 artists are exhibiting work and I am presenting Story Box – a comic book made out of cardboard.

Story Box is an experiment in taking comic books away from the page and the digital and presenting them as a physical object. Cardboard seemed like the perfect medium to do this. It is customisable, durable and cheap.


I developed a 4 page story that could be read in any order. The content of the story reflected the experimental nature of the Story Box comic book. The story involved a young boy who could not communicate. 

The exhibition will be held on 17 – 26 January at Forest Centre Plus, 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 9SJ.

Quiet Forest Exhibition – Forest Cafe – 6th of August 2013

Several years ago I designed a poster to promote a series of gigs to save the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh. The cafe has now moved to a new home at 141 Laurieston Place in Edinburgh. On the 6th of August the excellent words and performance group Inky Fingers are having an exhibition of installation Poetry at the new Forest Cafe. I will have some artwork in the exhibition – A poem comic collection called Bad Teenage Poetry. I will post up some images of this later.
The exhibition is called Quiet Forest and info can be found here.

Roofraiser gigs to save the Forest Cafe.

The Forest cafe in Edinburgh is in threat of closure and having a series of gigs to raise some funds. The event is called Roofraiser and 10 posters designs were chosen to promote the gigs. An image of mine has been chosen and is currently posted around the Forest Cafe. There has also been a small magazine created by Dundee based art collective Yuk n Yum to promote the event.
The gigs are being curated with mp3 download site tentracks. They have chosen my image for their blog post on Roofraiser. Cool!!!!