Game Images

A while ago I completed an art test for a video games company in Dundee. Basically before they get you in for an interview they ask you to create some sample images. I created the images and they emailed me back to tell me the position was already filled.
Disappointing, never the less I got two pretty decent images out of it. Here they are below.

Txtgrrrl: Mobile Machinima – Part 1

These images are from a Machinima series I created for mobile phones way back in 2008. Machinima is an animation method that utilises 3D Game Technology to tell stories. I have not showcased this work on the blog, so I thought I’d post it up here.

The title of the series is Txtgrrrl and the Machinima told the story of a girl who is so transfixed with her phone, she does not notice the bright and colourful world around her.
For the series I received a commission from Scottish Screen, The Scottish Arts council and other sponsors to create 2, 30 second episodes.

The episodes were made in 2008 and were specifically designed for mobile phones. Two websites were created to promote TxtGrrrl and are now archived at

I will post up some more images later.