Memoir Project Exhibiton

My Memoir Project book – Clown Noses, is going on an Exhibiton tour in the USA. The dates and venues for the exhibiton are below:

July 26 – 28
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Center for the Book
Readings will take place on Friday, July 26th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm

September 7 – 8
Washington, DC
Canal Park
Readings will take place on Saturday, September 7th from 3:00pm – 5:00pm

October 11 – 13
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Art Library
Readings will take place on Sunday, October 13th from 5:00pm -7:00pm

Unfortunately I won’t be at any of the readings.


Memoir Project – Clown Noses – Preview Page 2

Another page from my Memoir Project Submission. Clown Noses. This is one of my first attempts at concrete poetry. Just thought I’d try something new. I’m not too sure that this page is quite representative of the book as a whole or if it is even a memoir, but I think it is quite an interesting image that makes use of words and imagery.

Memoir Project – Clown Noses – Preview Page 1.

The Memoir Project is run by the Arhouse co-op in Brooklyn New York, where they have asked 500 writers and artists to complete a 32 page booklet and turn it into a Memoir. This is from the same organisation who run The Sketchbook Project, where I created my book – ‘Fashion Design For Monsters‘. My Memoir is called ‘Clown Noses’ and is a series of poems and pictures, making use of concrete poetry and imagery to act as a Memoir. The Book will go on tour in various cities in North America. More on this later, but below is an image from my book. I won’t be posting up all the pages, just a selection.