Berlin Photographs 3

Another post with a selection of my Berlin Photos. I’ve developed some of the lomography photos and will be scanning them soon. Some of them look good, some look great and some didn’t turn out at all. The photos in this post are taken from my digital camera.
I’ve also uploaded a lot of the digital photos to my flickr account. The link is below. There is still more to upload and I’ll have to wait until next month as I have filled up my quota for this month.
The photos below show myself in the hotel room and some shots of the Berlin streets. I think the hotel shots are pretty cool so I uploaded here.

Berlin Flickr photos:

Berlin Photographs 2

Here’s another lot of photos taken with my digital camera during my recent trip to Berlin. Due to pick up some of the Lomography photos I took during the trip tomorrow. I’m just waiting for them to be developed, as the dark room I use can only develop black and white.
I will post up a link to my Flickr on Friday, when hopefully I will have them uploaded. The photos are a mixture of Street Art and buildings and interesting things I seen while walking around. I spent a lot of time taking in the usual sights and also visiting some art galleries and museums.