Writing a Comic Book Poem – Tosca

Comic Book Poems


Okay, so this Comic Book Poem may not exactly be poetry. In-fact it is an Opera on the page. The Opera in question is Tosca. As Opera is not everyone’s cup of tea it ends rather abruptly. For this Comic Book Poem I wanted to present a short comedic story about a character who likes to sing. His voice is not appreciated and his singing comes to an end.

The text is taken directly from the Opera Tosca so credit has to go to Lugi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa, who are the Libretto for the piece. The text is written below.

Eun Pas-so Sfio-Ra-Va La Re-Na
En-Tra-Vael-La, Fra-Gran-Te
Mi Ca-Dea Fra La Brac-cia
Oh! Dol-Ci, O Lan-Gui-De-Ca
Rez-Ze Men Tr’Io

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