Noise Project – Week 1 – The Pulse

My response to week 1 of The Noise Project is up on my blog over at the Labspace Studio site.
For my response I had to listen ot the Pulse of the city. As I now live in Edinburgh my image reflected the people and the history and traditions of the city. The title is Traffic People.

The Noise Project – Noise Intercepted – My new Art Project

I’m taking part in a project called Noise Intercepted.
Basically I’m given a noise challenge every week for 10 weeks and I have to respond to it creatively. I’ve received the first challenge and I’m on my way.
Here is a link to the project homepage:

And here is some information taken from the Noise Project website given some more information on the project itself:

Noise Intercepted is a series of ten experience-activated noise challenges that prompt participants to listen, observe and interact with their urban soundscape in new and unlikely ways.
The project brings together over 200 collaborators from 28 countries around the globe — artists, sound ecologists, designers, writers, mothers, fathers, educators, filmmakers, administrators, technicians, scientists, students, programmers, health practitioners, and the list goes on.
Over the course of four months (March – June 2013), participants will be sent (via text msg & email) a series of ten noise challenges and creative prompts.
They have exactly 1-week to respond to each challenge and share their findings here with you.

And here is a direct link to my page for Noise Intercepted. You can view my work on there when I post it up.